Why art like this?

I have always tried to use still cameras for alternative purposes to traditional documentation of subject matter. The ability of the photographic medium to create images that cannot be seen with the naked eye is second to none. Through the use of light, speed and mechanical manipulation both in and around the camera results in images that offer themselves up to individual interpretation. They are abstract in the purest sense and can rarely be recreated.  For many years my artistic work with photography has tried to bring some measure to this capture – to be able to structure an image through an understanding of the forces at work. I am learning to control these forces but I remain committed to the random nature of this work. The combination of trial and error, skill and chance lead me to create images that are, in my view, abstract but intriguing. The images allow us to pose questions about their origin and their authenticity, but moreover they are for the most part engaging and different, and usually invite us to understand the nature of colour, line and form. I create work that I enjoy looking at and that I personally would be happy to hang on my walls and look at every day.