This is the first of a new series of images I am working on entitled ‘Cubed’.  The work visualizes sets of cubes stacked up, falling or being toppled.  I love the colours and the 3D feel to the work.  Most of our prints are based on a very modern substrate – acrylic.  The sandwich of a high quality photographic print between a Dibond backing and an acrylic face mount creates a visually arresting piece of wall art that floats off the wall with what appears to be a ‘live edge’.  Some image series (all created in camera) are done with this print medium in mind as we know how well certain types of abstract photography work with it.  The 3D effects in this series of images will be amplified by the acrylic medium and we are excited to see how they turn out for future customers.  We will be featuring and selling this series as large format limited edition acrylic prints in our Gallery soon!